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As a part of a universal fitness Friday, Brain & Brawn are contemplated thoughts I have while working out, workouts tips and routine included. 

The responsibility of the interpretation of the Constitution lies within the power of the most high court. So when Senator Mitch McConnell (R)  from the great state of Kentucky argued, "You reap what you sew," with regard to the hearing and potential appointment of a well respected and liked federal judge of the US Court of Appeals for DC, Merrick Garland, I was a bit confused. Now what McConnell was referring to was then Senator Obama's and fellow democrats filibuster during the hearing of now Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in 2006. McConnell's tic for tac playground style of politics is his basis to, "let the American People decide who should be the next Supreme Court Justice," where he is declining Garland the opportunity of a hearing until the next President is selected.

United States Capital, Washington D.C.

United States Capital, Washington D.C.

The use of the filibuster, a grandstanding consortium that every politician loves and hates respectively, by definition is an action of prolonged speech to obstruct progress in a legislative assembly. This action by design is something that is meant to be destructive to the issue at hand and both democrats and republicans alike have used it towards their party ploys. 

In consideration of Senate hearings and approvals for Supreme Court Nominees appointed by Presidents, I do find that then Senator Obama's use of filibuster goes against the nature of his job. Where yes, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito is a Republican Judge with contrast views to democrats, however filibustering is not an answer to opposition. The democratic process and hearing of a judge allows the merit of opposition, ask within those hearing pertinent questions of the abilities of the appointee to be in the high court. Ask within those hearings questions as to the nature of an individuals well being with regard to society. Allow the appointee the opportunity and do not obstruct with a filibuster.

McConnell also denotes that in 1992 the Senator Joe Biden, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee at the time, made a speech that McConnell has noted as "Biden's Rule". Biden spoke in June of an election year that if a open seat were to arise on the Supreme Court the process should wait until the next President is selected. At the time Biden was speaking in the hypothetical with no vacant seat in the court. This speech also was not made into law. Although a suggestion as a Senator it is not Biden's job to interpret or extrapolate the Constitution unless he created a bill to become law. 

Where I strongly disagree with Senator McConnell's want for the American people to decide is that they have already chosen President Obama three years ago. Going further, McConnell does not currently sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, as to which a fair amount of Senators on this committee were recently re-elected in the past two years, McConnell included. With regards to "Biden's Rule", it is not Biden or McConnell's place to interpret constitutionally what should be done. The process of democracy is important to have two opposing sides to come to a progressive compromise on any issue. Unfortunately, when filibustering or a Ted Cruz led shutdown of the government occurs, is respect to democracy being upheld? Are we thinking of the American people or our own party lines? All I know, is if I come into work and tell my boss I don't want to work until a certain date, I can assure I would not have a job the next day. Politicians, please remember your duty to both democrats and republican people you represent and do your job for all Americans. 

Workout: Back & Bi's | Listening to: Future's album 'Purple Reign'

Back day is my favorite. :)

Back day is my favorite. :)

Appetizer (Warm-up):

+ Ten minutes on the rowing machine

Main Course (Cycle's complete these 4 times):

Cycle 1:

+ Olympic lifts | 135#x10

+ *Superset deadlifts | 135#x10

+ *Superduperset shoulder cable fly | Any weight x10

Cycle 2:

+ Seated dumbell shoulder press | 50#x10; 60#x8; 70#x5; 30# to failure

+ Superset pullups | 10 

+ Superduperset standing dumbell curls | Any weight till failure

Cycle 3: 

Machine lat pull down | Any weight x10

+ Superset seated low row | Any weight x10

+ Superduperset cable curls | Till failure 


Barbell Curls | Till failure