Energy | A Wise Release

As the sound of fresh morning welcomed my ears, I walked allowing the illustrious endorphins of my morning exercise to calm my body. Looking up to the sky, noticing the depth of the clouds and the highlighted sunrise, I took a moment to ponder what I would like to inspire the world with today. A subtle sip from my coffee and it hit me. Energy. 

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Energy. We are all given it since our conception. Our bodies need a natural energy to function, ie. keep your heart beating and blood flowing, but the cerebral energy. That is something that we will focus on today. 

Growing up in the church, I found myself very naive. The stories told are of good people and I derived that everyone person and child is of good nature towards your benefit. To me an over extension of energy and care meant that we were friends, and best friends at that, and of course I was treating people the way I wanted to be treated, certainly they thought the same as me.

So often I would find myself doing other peoples homework, or giving away my lunch because I cared and wanted to give to make others happy. I started noticing, around the time I was 12 that my care, kindness, and favors, were not being returned. But the Christ like thing to do was to forgive, forget, and accept those individuals back with open arms. And this cycle continued until I got to college and was exhausted. My trust for people dwindled, my naivety broke, and in turn I had a realization of reallocation of energy.

First, I needed to recognize that the energy I was expelling was something that I keep more sacred. Second, that my level of care is not like everyone else's and thats something special. Third, not everyone has your best intentions at heart. And fourth, its okay if someone does not have your best intention at heart. 

These four understandings helped me to come to find better friends that match my energy in care and love. To understand that if my surroundings are not towards my benefit or positive progress, to leave that situation alone and find one that does. It was a major shift in perspective that has helped me to expect less and appreciate more. From day to day interactions it is cognitive and important to access the channels to which you relinquish your energy.