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My freshman year of high school was an interesting one. I started the year at Blair High School in Pasadena, California and ended my year at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, California. Centennial High School is where I would graduate three years later. 

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Brain & Brawn | Conscious Fitness

As a part of a universal fitness Friday, Brain & Brawn are contemplated thoughts I have while working out, workouts tips and routine included. 

My quest for the 'Superhero Body'. *Warning: Muscle Dysmorphia, Adonis Complex, & re-defining masculinity included. Oh and my chest workout this week!

Henry Calvill | Man of Steel (2013)

Henry Calvill | Man of Steel (2013)

Molly, Me, & Cody

 My bestie without testies is Molly (an actual person). Born 5 days after me we have conjured this adventure of life ever since Denny's was out of hot sauce and she pulled Tapatio out of her purse. It's the type of relationship where we need not speak words when around eachother, but find comfort and completeness within one another's company. Like me she believes in wellness, fitness, and has a secret obsession with vitamins. One time we were at the grocery store and there was a sale on fish oil pills and we each bought four bottles like the rational human beings we are. Needless to say one day her and I were shopping for clothes and she noticed that when she tried on a pair of shoes it didn't make her tall enough. I inquired as what she meant by tall enough? She mentioned that in her mind she believes her and I are the same height. We laughed as I am 6'3"ish and she is 5'8". What was astounding to me is that I thought the opposite. To the outside world I am a giant, in my head I am a quiet small person that does his best to not be noticed. Our altered realities reflected one another, probably another reason why she is my bestie. 

When I was in college, my friend Cody, who was studying anatomy and physiology pulled me aside. He said, "Jordan, I see you at the gym and you are always wanting to get bigger." I replied of course, who doesn't want to have the 'Superhero Body'. Cody then asked me my stats at the time. We went over to the scale and he measured my weight, around 260 pounds and 6'3"ish. He asked me if I thought that was big, and I was like well I could be 275# in a tone that was unaware of the gargantuan of being 260 pounds. Cody, kindly and constructively sat me down and informed me of the Adonis Complex

At first upon hearing this I was very defensive, but then when reading more about the topic, my reality of my intent for working out met a crossroads. You see what the media portray's or what the 'Superhero Body' we see in the Avengers or Superman creates this realm of masculinity that good comes with bulging muscles, you are the hero, you get the girl (apologies for the heterosexual norms) and you are successful. This led me to really consider why I spent so many countless hours in the gym.

I took some time off from the gym. Within its absence new feelings an emotions occurred. I was drinking a lot more, I was paranoid and anxious, and my mental clarity faltered. Feeling vulnerable after a couple of days, I returned to the gym. I used my anxiety to fuel my workout and the flooded endorphins brought me current to the clarity I needed to succeed that day. My life changing epiphany - work out for me, my mental state, and be educated on the power of bulging muscles displayed in media. For me, with thanks to dear friends, I have re-defined a portion of masculinity and I couldn't be more grateful. 

Workout: Chest & Tri's | Listening to MoniNayo's album 'Pussy Power'

Appetizer (Warm-up):

+ Ten minutes on the elliptical

+ 4 sets of Squats | 135#x10; 225#x8; 315x5; 135# to failure

Main Course (Cycle's complete these 3 times):

Cycle 1:

+ Incline bench | 135#x10

+ *Superset barbell lunge calf raises | 135#x10

+ *Superduperset lunge tricep pull downs | Any weight x10

Cycle 2:

+ Flat bench | 135#x10; 225#x8; 315x5; 135# to failure

+ Superset perfect pushup | 10 

+ Superduperset standing dumbell tricep extensions | Any weight till failure

Cycle 3: 

+ Fly machine | Any weight x10

+ Superset single arm extensions | Any weight x10

+ Superduperset dips | Till failure 


+ Pull down rope crunches | Till failure 

*For Cycle 1, when doing the superset and superduperset get in the lunge formation and then perform the calf raises (back leg) and tricep pull down. 

**If attempting to do this workout remember that I have been in the gym for 10 years. Adjust your weights accordingly to your body and have fun!